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General Description

Founded in April of 1961, the Beijing Precision Engineering Institute for Aircraft Industry ( BPEI ) is a comprehensive applied technology institute of the AVIC and is the Development Center for the Manufacturing Technologies of aero Equipment. There are the Aviation Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Precision Manufacturing and the Aviation Precision Manufacturing Technology Center. BPEI is mainly engaged in the R&D of precision manufacturing, measuring and testing technology and related equipment in aero and other fields. The Institute occupies an area of about 40,000m². There are more than 550 employees, among them are more than 90 research professors and senior engineers. There are 7 research departments in the Institute for providing various engineering solutions about precision manufacturing/measurement, motion simulation and assemble technology. After more than 50 years development, the Institute has become the domestic research and production base, remarkable for its precision and ultra-precision manufacturing technology. In China, the Institute has been holding the lead in the fields of ultra-precision manufacturing technology and equipment, precision manufacturing technology, three coordinate measuring machine technology and equipment, inertial navigation test and motion simulation technology and equipment. The Institute has got the right of doing import/export business and is authorized to grant master’s degree.

Technical Capability

The Institute has successfully conducted a number of R&D projects in the fields of precision and ultra-precision manufacturing technology and equipment, inertial navigation and motion simulation technology and equipment, three coordinate measuring machine technology and equipment, precision measuring and testing technology and equipment, environment testing technology and equipment, special processing technology and equipment, automation technology and equipment of technological process and so on. It has an integrated development capability of applied technology, covering the areas of optics, mechanics, electronics, automatic control, hydraulics, test and computer application, etc., and it is provided with rich technical resource and all necessary means of manufacturing and testing. Since foundation of the Institute, more than 200 scientific and research achievement prizes have been awarded by the State and Ministry, among them are 15 National Invention Prizes, 8 National Scientific and Technical Progress Prizes and 14 National Science Conference Prizes.

There is a lab with a floor space of 1500 m², provided with the environment of cleanness, constant temperature and constant humidity at the grade-100/10000 respectively for different sections, and also with more than 300 various processing equipment, among them are more than 30 world first grade precision measuring and testing equipment. The Institute has the capability of developing electromechanical hi-tech products and resolving key projects of multi-subject and passed the certification of ISO9001 quality assurance system in 1999.     

Main Products

Aero products: servo turntable, rate position turntable, angular vibration table, linear acceleration simulation table, multi-axis flight simulation turntable, fatigue test equipment, special optical coordinate measuring machine for blades and nozzles, comprehensive environment test equipment, complicate aero precision parts/components manufacture etc..

Non-aero products: standard/precision three coordinate measuring machine with different specifications, ultra-precision machine tool and grinding machine, CNC winding press machine, electric terminal gear indexing platform, electrohydraulic servo valve and other hydraulic elements. The Institute can also provide technical services in the areas of precision processing, precision measuring and testing, special processing, nonstandard and special purpose equipment, etc..

Intention of Cooperation

Co-development, co-operation and joint venture of electromechanical products;

Design of precision and complicated mechanical parts, manufacture according to supplied drawings, samples and materials, and compensation trade;

Agent and technical services for foreign products.


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